What is your Hotel Customer Segmentation?

Would you like to better match your customer needs and boost your occupancy? Then, it’s even more important to understand what is your current hotel customer segmentation, thus as its untapped opportunities.

Customers needs differ, it’s a fact. It can be interesting to understand which are the specific needs of each “family” of customers. It will allow you to adjust better details in the way you welcome them and in the way you’re going to communicate to reach them. Moreover, you will certainly discover in the process niche markets that you did not think about earlier. Why not better targeting them also?

Motivational Segmentation

Are your guests rather coming for leisure or business? Alone or in groups?
Draw your own matrice starting from these four big “families” (leisure/business and individuals/groups), and further identify inside of each segment smaller sub-segments (cf matrice below).

Hotel Customer Segmentation Motivations

Geographical Segmentation

Where are you customers coming from?

Hotel Customer Segmentation Geographical

And now, what?

A few questions to help you analyzing your current customer segmentation and evaluate the potential that could be developed:

  • Which are the specific needs of each identified segment?
  • Should you adapt your service to better welcome them?
  • Should you offer adapted packages to better attract them?
  • Which are the ones with the highest contribution?
  • Do you see any segments that could be increased?
  • Do you see any new untapped segments that you could start targeting?
  • How are usually bookings each of these segments? (cf article: Where are your future hotel guests?)
  • How could you better reach them?