Pacoche, Shanti, Rio Muchacho, tres ecolodges en la Costa Pacifica

Ecolodges Pacoche Shanti Rio Muchacho Pacific Coast Ecuador

[Ecuador] After the capital, the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountains, I changed completely of scenery to spend 10 days on the pacific coast of the country, or more exactly, in the central part of it, in the Manabí region. I visited three hotels/lodges: Pacoche – natural reserve & lodge, RioMuchacho – organic farm & lodge, and Shanti Hostal. But it’s above all Elsa, the French Founder of the ecotourism Narwell Ecotours agency, who welcomed me by her sides in Manta. And I left then to meet with jumping humpback whales, rare birds and Teo on “Plata” island, and dived into a few mojitos, piña coladas and daiquiris on the Montanita beach.

Videos –

Avec mauricio shanti hostal


avec elsa festival du bivhe et salprieta

Baleine a bosse Saut

Fou a pattes bleues

Fregate Magnifique

Florie Isla de la Plata

Tortue Marine

diner entre francophones a manta

Ceibos Manabi Ecuador

construction des bateaux

plage de montanita, Equateur

ceviche montanita

La Paz comienza con una sonrisa

sunset montanita