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Yachana Lodge Amazon Ecuador

[Ecuador] Before to become a lodge, Yachana (which means in kichwa language « a place where to learn ») was above all a solid educational project (high school) developed for the youth of this isolated community in the Ecuadorian amazon. In 1995, Douglas was looking for a more sustainable model, and started the tourism project with the goal to help supporting the foundation. For a year and a half now, Yachana initiated a new project. They left the previous structure on the river bank, to build a new (and even more confortable) lodge and training center (for the most motivated students of all the region with a special “distance studying” program) at the top of a neighbor hill (with an incredible view over the Napo river!). Discover, in the videos below, the exceptional work and commitment of Yachana for a better world through education and responsible tourism (called “geotourism” by Douglas).

Meet the Team of Yachana Lodge

Capacity: 14 cabans – 32 guests
Douglas, douglas@yachana.org.ec

Students Yachana

Florie avec Douglas, Yachana Lodge

HopTrip – Florie

Date: June 2015
Duration: 5 days
Missions done:

  • Edition and publication of 8 videos to present Yachana Lodge & Foundation and its sustainable tourism practices.
  • Workshops with the students: around the concept of sustainable tourism and how to use softwares to edit videos.

Video – Hopineo.org

Yachana Lodge

Education & Training Center

Village Banking & Microcredit

Agriculture & Permaculture


Bananas Circle

Composting Toilets

Ozone Water Treatment System


Florie à Yachana Lodge - Vue sur la riviere Napo, Amazone

vue du restaurant de Yachana Lodge

chambre Yachana Lodge

curador kichwa, amazonia, ecuador

Cacao - Amazonie, Equateur

Larves de Palmier - Plam Tree Grumps - Mayones - Amazon, Ecuador

Efrain, Chef Yachana, Larves de Palmier cuisinées

Florie passe à table!

Coucher de Soleil Riviere Napo, Amazonie

Coucher de soleil sur la riviere Napo, Amazonie, Equateur

Coucher du Soleil en Amazonie