[SustainableTourism] An overtourism world map

With the help of students from the french tourism School Sup de Co La Rochelle, we are working on spoting destinations affected by overtourism on an intervative world map, thus as listing examples of measures taken to try to mitigate it :

Legend :

In black : places which the access is now forbidden

In red : places where no measures were taken yet

In orange : places where some measures are taken

Destinations’ types


Coasts & Beaches


Cultural Heritage


Measures taken

Making laws


Promoting differently

Raising awareness


We’re listing on this map places that were quoted in articles in the media as affected by overtourism using : search engines (Google, Lilo), social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube), online media specialized in tourism & researches (Voyageons-Autrement, The Conversation,  Travindy…).