Rio Indillama, Kichwa community in the Yasuni National Park

Rio Indillama Amazonia Ecuador

[Ecuador] After Shayari and Limoncocha, I’m welcomed in a 3rd kichwa community of the ecuadorian amazon, this time on the Napo river and at the nord-west entrance of the famous and vast Yasuni National Park. It’s a very improvised last-minute visit. I met, during a Rainforest Alliance meeting and training at Limoncocha, Otorino who offered me to come and stay at his house in order to get to know its village tourism-based project. I should have visited the Sani Lodge and Napo Wildlife Center, but these two visits were finally canceled. I accepted then with great pleasure the invitation!

Meet the Kichwa Community of Limoncocha

Capacity: cabans and camping
They don’t have a website yet: contact Germán from Limoncocha ( and ask for the phone number of someone at Rio Indillama community.

Florie avec Otorino et Adriano - Rio Indillama Amazonia Ecuador

HopTrip – Florie

Date: May 2015
Duration: 2 days
Missions done:

  • Edition and publication of a video to present the community-based tourism project.

Video –


Rio Napo, Amazonie, Equateur

Arbre, foret amazonienne, Equateur

ma chambre chez Otorinobreakfast at otorino's house

mille-pattes de l'Amazonie

morpho butterfly

escargot foret tropicale

tortue terrestre amazonie

ceiba amazonico

interior of amazon ceiba tree

venomous dart frog

 village rio indillama

sunset on napo river from the boat