Day 300 : Adios Colombia, I´ll be back

It has been 300 days travelling from Mexico to Ecuador, having visited around 40 hotels… How many days must there be left until Argentina? That is the question!

I ended this week with Colombia tugging at my heart strings; I spent almost four months there sprinkled with wonderful encounters. Week by week, my itinerary was very well improvised thanks to the contacts made with highly reactive tourism professionals. Colombia has a lot to offer a lots of eco-tourism potential! I would love to come back and lend a hand in developing responsible tourism in this particular destination.

I finalised the Colombian tour through the regions of Cauca and Putumayo: The `white´ city, the mysterious pre-Columbian statues and a stint up a tree in a nature reserve (with a rehabilitation project for local wildlife). You can read the following articles for more details about my last adventures:

300 days