[COURSE] Social Media Best Practices in Tourism

Objective of the course

  • Learning about social media strategy through an analysis of best practices in the tourism sector.
  • Working on a “Social Media Best Practices in Tourism 2018 by INSEEC Lyon” ebook and also a pack of cold Facebook post that could be used by sustainable tourism companies (travel agencies, hotels…).

Knowledge and skills

At the end of the course, the student must be able to :

  • Choose on which social media it would worth investing time and money for a tourism company depending of its objectives, targeted audience, business specificities : Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter. We’ll talk also a little bit about blogs, newsletters and Google AdWords.
  • Be able to think and schedule engaging posts, using pertinent hashtags and scheduling tools (such as HootSuite, Buffer…) and knowing how to measure the success of a social media campaign.

Content of the course

DAY 1 : Introduction + Facebook

  • Facebook :
    • Brainstorming : What makes you want to like/comment/share a post on Facebook ?
    • Comparing companies Facebook posts
    • How to work with bloggers ?
    • Comparing partnerships posts
    • Proposal for a set of cold posts about sustainable tourism using the calendar.

DAY 2 : YouTube + Others social media

  • Other social media : Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Blogs, Newsletters
    • One social media is attributed to each student :
      • Select 5 pertinent consulting companies articles and fill in the “about” slides
      • Select 10 examples from the social media comparison Google Sheet

DAY 3 : A guide to social media best practices in tourism

  • Students present to the class their work (top tips and examples).
  • Florie shows how she manages some of these social media (boosting posts also).
  • Instructions are given for the pack of cold Facebook posts for sustainable tourism companies (travel agencies, hotels…) using the social media calendars for example.

DAY 4 : Cold Facebook posts + promote the guide

  • Each student presents 3 engaging cold posts which could be used on Facebook by “sustainable” tourism companies.
  • Let’s promote this best practices guide on the Internet : live practice all together (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) !

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