Black Sheep Inn, eco-living experience in the Andes

Black Sheep Inn Chugchilám Ecuador

[Ecuador] On my way from Amazon to the Pacific coast, I spent a week at 3200m of altitude in the Ecuadorian Andes mountain range. Hiking, cheese tasting and an ecolodge with exemplary ecoliving practices (for more than 20 years), I’m like a fish in water. It’s nice to be back to a cooler and drier climate. Six months ago, Andres, Black Sheep Inn Founder, discovered my blog on LinkedIn, and invited me to remain in touch in order to visit him when I’ll arrived in Ecuador. An invitation can not be refused, and this is the perfect opportunity to discover a great new responsible tourism project (which is now managed  100% by people of the village). I now invite you to meet Black Sheep Inn through a few videos!

Meet the team of Black Sheep Inn

Capacity: 8 private rooms 4 -6 pax – 17 beds in dorms
Andres Hammerman, & Edmundo,

Florie with Andres and Edmundo at Black Sheep Inn

HopTrip – Florie

Date: June 2015
Duration: 6 days
Missions accomplished:

  • Edition and publication of videos to present Black Sheep Inn, its responsible practices and promote the ecotourism activities of the region.

Videos –

Black Sheep Inn – Ecolodge

Hiking in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador: Quilotoa Lake & Surroundings

Composting Toilets

Communicating about Sustainable Practices Onsite

Natural Light & Glass Recycling

Association for Tourism Profesionnals of the Region

Open Door Policy & Sharing Knowledge


black sheep inn reception

miel et fromage quilotoa equateur

montée a cheval quilotoa equateur 2

lac quilotoa equateur

pic nic quilotoa ecuador

streetart pueblo ecuador

montons a quilotoa

rando quilotoa chugchilan avec Cristina Ecossaise

fleurs de la montagne equateur

Giovanni avec Cristina et Janet

fromage tilser equateur

petit veau de 2 jours

Florie Cloudforest Equateur

maisons dans la montagne

Florie la photographe

Canyon Rando Skywalk

on the edge skywalk

on the edge skywalk 2

fields chugchilan

maisonette chugchilan